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The Nightmare Egg - Part 1 by ovidius-naso
The Nightmare Egg - Part 1
"Whitney is meeting her friends at a new club, but the address she was given does not look right. Thinking it could be a hip underground place, she ventures into the dark alley..."

I took my old TF short called "Black Oil" and expanded on it to make a more cinematic sequence. I know this part doesn't look like much; I spent a lot of time on the following parts and didn't have enough time or energy to spend more here, hence the stills with sound. The following parts will be full video!

Also available on youtube
Fem 'running werewolf' Anim - FLASH w SOUND
Sound version of…

-- original description:
A pretty old animation I started way back, using Vicky 2, some with some custom Michael and Muzzle morphs I found online.

Basic premise is that this wolf-spirit has cornered a [for some reason naked] young woman in an alley. Just when she thinks the wolf is closing for the kill, she is surprised to find herself possessed; empowered and transformed into a beefy werewolf.

Something bad happened to my files when I upgraded version of Poser, which is why the poor girl has "issues" with her leg. Also I couldn't seem to get the dynamics to work with clothes, and I'm not even talking about the part where she grows, so I gave up.

I felt the post effects would be pretty easy to throw together; and this is the result. Really I wish I had spent more time on the animation, because this kind of feels like putting racing tires on a station wagon.
I've started uploading some old works to my (previously empty) Fur Affinity gallery. You can find the link below, but be warned this is my more adult/out-there stuff. Consider yourself warned.…


Ovidius Naso
United States
Check my DailyMotion gallery for full videos with sound:…

Check Fur Affinity for the more adult stuff

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